Spokesman: No Charges to Be Filed in Cleveland Park Train Wreck

Spokesman: No Charges to Be Filed in Cleveland Park Train Wreck (Image 1)

By Wspa Staff

Nathan Ellis, the Gaffney fire chief and spokesman for Corinth Baptist Church, says they've been told by investigators that charges will not be filed in connection to the Cleveland Park train accident. 

Pastor Dwight Easler, who lost his 6 year old son in the crash, says he was notified last week about the decision.

Easler says he's at peace with it.

“I have been angry at times about the whole process, but the Lord's been good to us, and helped us through it,” said Easler.

He says this decision, though, doesn't mean this is over.

“We're in the first inning,” Easler said. “We have a lot of work to do to try to get the right things done.”

Easler didn't want to comment on if the family will take any more legal actions.

A news conference is planned Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Spartanburg City Hall on the Cleveland Park Train Wreck.

The director of the Spartanburg Public Safety Department, says they will release information about the Charleston County Solicitor’s Office review of the derailment.

The miniature train derailed at Cleveland Park in Spartanburg March 19th, killing one child and injuring 27 others.

The man behind the wheel of that train was Matt Conrad.

His attorney, Grant Varner, says “my client will obviously be very happy if no charges are filed, and think it will enable everyone involved in this to start moving forward.”

Varner says Conrad is trying to put his life back together, and he's moved out of the state.

“Anyone that can use a google search and run my client's name would find out what happened here, it's part of your history, you could not hide,” explained Varner.

Investigators led by the county coroner say they determined the speed of the train by carefully analyzing cell phone video filmed by a child on board the train.

Train experts who came up with the findings said that video was crucial to the investigation.

It’s estimated the train was going around 22 miles an hour when it derailed. The train's instruction manual says it's not supposed to be driven faster than 12 miles and hour or 8 miles an hour going into a curve.

The investigative team also said brake problems and mechanical failure were ruled out.

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