Group Of Schools Pushing For Three SCHSL Classes

By Pete Yanity

The South Carolina High School League's executive committee will wait until spring to determine how many classifications it will use following Tuesday's presentation, by a group of schools from several levels within the league, of a plan for a switch to three classifications, with two state champions in each class in all sports.

The SCHSL has had a four classification set-up for several decades and currently awards seven state championships in football and four in all other sports.

The league is weighing the option of staying with four classes, going with the three class proposal, or possibly using five classes for football. There are other potential scenarios as well, according to SCHSL Executive Director Jerome Singleton.

The executive committee could have decided on the classification play it will move forward with Tuesday but decided to delay the decision to its April 30th meeting after hearing a presentation by athletic directors Chuck Jordan of Conway and Barry Harley of Gilbert.

The three classifications plan will be discussed when the league's athletic directors conduct their annual meeting on the second weekend of March. At that time, that plan, and any other, could be either given a blessing by the overall body or be struck down, thus impacting the chance it would be considered by the executive committee at its meeting the following month.

Whatever the league decides will go into effect when the next reclassification takes effect in August 2014.

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