December 2012 Caring for the Carolinas Award


December is upon us. Time to give away our monthly award theCaring for the Carolinas award to some one, or some people as we have today, that do nice things for others. On my left, Kimberly Findeisen, and you have Monica Curry on the right.

Kim Findeisen, Award Co-Recipient

Rachel Gregory, Monica Curry and myself, we worked at Carolina Pediatrics together and we had the opportunity to meet Rachel and just become friends with her there. It was a little bit of a delay before we found out how sick she truly was.

Rachel Gregory, Friend

I was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, that's a liver disease.


For hospital visits and her eventual transplant, Rachel's going to need 200,000 dollars.

Monica Curry, Award Co-Recipient

She's such a special person, Rachel is, and Kim and I were trying to think of things we could do to help.

Kim Findeisen, Award Co-Recipient

What we decided, Monica and I decided to do was start raising money for Rachel. Our first campaign that we did for Share Her Smile, we did a bake sale, and we raised 1080 dollars. Then, Rachel's Rummage Sale, and we raised almost 900 dollars for that.

Rachel Gregory, Friend

We are just so grateful for their friendship. Kim has said herself that she's not done. She going to come up with some more Share Her Smile things to, to raise some money.


If you'd like to help Rachel or if you'd like to learn more about organ transplants, visit

Well, we want to give our Caring for the Carolinas awards for December to you two girls, Monica, here you go, for helping Rachel, And Kimberly, for being a good friend for Rachel. Okay, lat's give them a nice hand, hey guys down in front how about that.

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