November 2012 Caring for the Carolinas Award Winner

November 2012 Caring for the Carolinas Award Winner (Image 1)

Jack Roper here. We're in the Electric City of Anderson at Jonathon's Joy Residential Living and we are here for the month of November to award our Caring for the Caroilnas award. And every month, we give it away to someone who gives their time to other people… and we got the word on this lady to my left here. This is Betty Timms. Hello Betty. “Hey.” How're you doing? “Right now? Shocked.”

Betty Timms never seems to rest. She spends every day helping her neighbors. Cooking for the sick, cleaning, even carrying her grandson on her hip. She's always helping out, however she can.

Twyler Loftis, Friend

She's a friend to everybody. Anybody that wants a friends, she'll be one on to 'em. She's done so much, I can't even begin to tell you.

She gets out here, You're not gonna believe this. She went and got a push lawnmower and she single handedly mowed this entire complex. It's a senior complex, now, and she mowed this whole complex here, by her self with a push mower. Now, that's the truth!

Betty Timms, Award Recipient

I just try do whatever need to be did. Or whatever people need done. I thought that's what we was all out here for, you know, to help each other… So, if something comes along, I just try to help as much as I can.


Betty Timms, our Caring for the Carolinas award winner for the month of November. I hear thunderous applause. It's coming. I hear it. Congraulations… congratulations.

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