Wrecked Cars Promote Safe Driving For Anderson Teens

Wrecked Cars Promote Safe Driving For Anderson Teens (Image 1)

ANDERSON – It's high school prom season and graduation is just around the corner. The celebrations means for teen drivers will be on the roads and the chance of car accidents increases.

“Car accidents go up dramatically, fatal car accidents go up dramatically,” says T. L. Hanna Principal Sheila Hilton.

In conjunction with the Alive @ 25 program, T. L. Hanna and Westside High Schools have provided a daily reminder for students to stay safe. Wrecked cars have been placed outside the high schools and administrators hope as students see the cars each day, they'll remember to stay focused behind the wheel.

“You hope that doesn't happen to anybody you know, hopefully that car isn't somebody I knew,” says T. L. Hanna senior Stephanie Guevara.

All high schools in Anderson County use the the Alive @ 25 Program. They require students to pass the program before they are allowed to park at the school. The program strive to decrease accidents by teaching students to avoid speeding, drinking and distractions while driving.

“Any distraction when you take your eyes off the road increases your chances of being in a fatal car accident,” Hilton says.

The program first began in South Carolina in 2006. The National Safety Council tells 7 On Your Side since 2006 they've seen a 37% reduction in fatalities in car accidents for young adults from 15 to 24. But they say even that decrease isn't enough.

Last September a teen from T. L. Hanna died in an accident and shortly after another teen from Wren High School also died in a fatal wreck.

'It's scary thinking wow, that's a real car, in a real accident and someone whose really hurt and that's not somewhere you want to end up,” says T. L. Hanna junior Luke Wilson.

Administrators hope their continuous push for safety will continue to net results.

“This is the time you want to inundate students with that information,” Hilton says.

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