NC House Passes Bill That Allows Guns In Bars, Restaurants

A bill that would allow concealed weapons in bars and restaurants is moving closer to becoming law in North Carolina.

The House approved the final reading of the bill Monday night.

The measure gives those with concealed carry permits the option to bring a handgun into places that serve alcohol, which is currently against the law.

CCP holders would still not be allowed to drink while carrying.

Businesses opposed to the measure have the option to ban weapons. They would be required to post a sign saying so.

Several WNC restaurants and bar owners declined to give their opinion on the bill, however, residents were not shy about the issue.

“I think if you own a business, you ought to have the right to choose,” says Jeff Russell of Saluda.

“Why not? Why shouldn't you able to carry it there? What is the harm?” asked CCP instructor Penny Gilliam.

“It is a potential danger,” adds James Dean Pace of Hendersonville.

Another provision of the bill would allow CCP holders to exercise their right to bear arms at sporting events and public greenways.

The proposal also would allow legally concealed weapons to be stored in a locked cars on public college campuses.

The bill will now go to the Senate.

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