Investigation Clears Asheville Police Chief of Any Wrongdoing

Asheville city leaders have cleared the police chief of any wrongdoing.

A special city council meeting was held early Thursday morning to discuss the results of an internal investigation regarding how Police Chief William Anderson handled a car accident involving his son.

Last month, a police officer publicly accused Anderson and a supervisor of trying to coerce him into submitting “false and misleading statements regarding the accident.”

An investigation was launched in which City Manager Gary Jackson says he interviewed seven people and spent more than 20 hours reviewing the complaint.

Jackson told council Thursday he did not find that Anderson or the supervisor violated any criminal laws.  Those findings were also confirmed in the District Attorney’s report.

Mayor Terry Bellamy told reporters after the meeting, she has confidence in the Chief and his staff.

“I believe that he can provide the leadership that is needed in that department to move it ahead,” Bellamy said.

The investigation did reveal organizational concerns within the police department.  City officials say they will be working to improve communication, unity and management in the coming weeks.

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