SCDOT Closes Bridge On West Springs Road in Union County

The South Carolina Department of Transportation closed a bridge on West Springs Road Over Fair Forest Creek due to its deteriorating condition.

The bridge was build in 1962. Its deck and substructure have a 3 condition rating, that’s serious. The superstructure rating is 4, which is poor.

SCDOT engineers have been monitoring the bridge closely due to its condition. The bridge was closed Wednesday evening due to a broken pre-cast “T” beam deck panel.

Due to construction of a new bridge on nearby S-274, the detour is a little over 16 miles. The bridge on S-274 may open in approximately one month, weather permitting, to bring the detour to less than 8 miles.

DETOUR ROUTE: From the intersection of S-44-12 (West Springs Highway) and S-44-19 (Meansville Road), turn right onto S-44-19 (Meansville Road). Proceed southerly for 5.17 miles to S-44-84 (Bailey Road). Turn Right onto S-44-84 (Bailey Road) and proceed southwesterly for 2.5 miles to SC 215 (Buffalo-West Springs Highway.) Turn Right onto SC 215 (Buffalo-West Springs Highway) and proceed westerly for 0.73 miles to S-44-23 (Mud Bridge Road). Turn Right onto S-44-23 (Mud Bridge Road) and proceed northwesterly for 6.18 miles to S-44-12 (West Springs Highway). Proceed northerly for 1.56 miles to S-44-12 (West Springs Highway). 

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