Leaders In Greenwood County Set To Vote On 300 Jobs

Greenwood County Council is set to make their final vote on “Project Sun” this evening.

Council is expected to pass the incentive deal that would bring 300 manufacturing jobs to the county.

These high skill level jobs would pay between 18 and 22 dollars an hour.

Councilman Mark Allison says the county is working with Piedmont Technical College to create a program to train employees for these jobs.

Greenwood County is competing for these jobs with a few other states.

The company likes Greenwood County because of the upcoming completion of the inland port and the availability of vacant buildings for them to move into.

Since 2012 Greenwood County has brought 256 jobs, and leaders say they are currently working on a project that would bring around 300 jobs later in the year.

The county council meeting is being held at the Greenwood County Library at 5:30p.m.

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