Mold Closes Greenwood Fire Station, Widely Reported Growing In Homes

Mold Closes Greenwood Fire Station, Widely Reported Growing In Homes (Image 1)

Fire Station 3 in Greenwood has been temporarily closed after mold in the HVAC system was discovered last week.

Water collected in the area and mold began to grow. The station will be closed for two weeks and will not impact fire coverage.

Countless homes in the Upstate are also dealing with water damage which creates a breeding ground for mold.

“In 72 hours you can start having mold start growing,” says David Burton at ServPro of Anderson.

Burton is seeing a flourish of calls regarding water damage because of the heavy rains. He cautions if flooding isn’t completely dried soon mold will form.

Burton says mold needs three things to grow the right temperature, a food source and water. Mold likes temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees and it eats  natural sources like wood, drywall, insulation and paper. Moisture is the one element homeowners can control. That’s why experts say it’s important to clean up even the smallest water spill.

Most people will see smalls bits of mold, those can be cleaned up with Clorox and water mixture. If patterns grow larger than 10 feet then it’s time to call an expert.

“Mold, to me, is like a dandelion, you’re not supposed to touch it, the white things and the dandelion are the black mold and put air on it or touch it and you have released all the little molecular and then it goes down on through the stem to the roots,” Burton says.

Homeowners can also use fans and air conditioning to circulate the air in the home, that way water isn’t able to settle and allow mold to grow.

The fire department hopes to have the clean up at the station completed and the ready to move in before the end of the first week of October.

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