Mystery Solved: Blue Gunk Oozing From the Ground

Mystery Solved: Blue Gunk Oozing From the Ground (Image 1)

Blue liquid oozing up out of the ground — that’s what a Travelers Rest man has seen covering his property for the past year.

Ed Stafford had a hard time getting answers about just what it is or how he can fix it.

When he bought a house with a nice, big yard last year, he planned to plant a vegetable garden.

“Like tomatoes, and cucumbers and stuff like that — just a small, little garden,” said Stafford.

But there isn’t a single spot on his property where he hasn’t found blue-tinted gunk seeping up from the ground.

“That whole area right there is sopping wet with it and it’s all blue,” said Stafford, pointing to his backyard.

The sky blue goo with an oily sheen appears every time it rains. It dries into a thick black crust in his front yard, backyard, driveway — everywhere.

“People come to visit that have kids and you wouldn’t want your kids stepping in this stuff or playing around it — you know, bouncing a ball into it and then picking it up, on their hands, and putting it in their mouth,” said Stafford.

So he contacted the Department of Health and Environmental Control. They came to his house to take a look at the mysterious blue gunk in June. They said it was nothing to worry about and they’d get back with him about what exactly it was.

That’s where he hit a dead end.

“When he came out, he said that he would send an email to me. And I tried calling and they told me he was in a meeting. And then next time I called, he was out of the office,” said Stafford.

Several calls later. he reached out to 7 On Your Side. We contacted DHEC and they told us heavy rains cause naturally occurring iron bacteria to seep out of the side of the hill he lives on. The bacteria causes a rainbow sheen, but no environmental or health concerns.

So it may look gross, but it’s OK to just leave it alone.

If something strange is appearing on your own property, you can reach out to DHEC at 803-898-3432.

We found out about this story from a viewer like you. We’d also like to know what’s bugging you. You can submit a story tip here.

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