Wofford College Holds First Football Practice of the Season

SPARTANBURG (Wofford Release) – The Wofford College football team began preparation for the 2013 season with the first day of practice on Monday. The opening practice lasted two hours and was held in shorts and helmets.

Wofford reported to campus on Sunday afternoon, with several meetings held on Sunday night. On Monday morning at seven, the team took part in the conditioning test. All players who participated in the test completed it.

Following equipment fitting and afternoon meetings, the team took the Gibbs Stadium field for the first time at 6:00 pm. Most of the practice was spent with position groups, with one segment devoted to kickoff coverage. The defense also used a period to work a turnover circuit.

“I think for the most part we had good energy during practice,” said head coach Mike Ayers. “We kind of drifted a little bit towards the end, which may have been because we got them up early this morning for the fitness test. Our returning guys plugged right in and did a nice job. The most difficult thing is when you have a bunch of freshmen and they don’t quite understand the tempo that you are looking for and they don’t understand the sharpness that you require. There was a little too much walking around for me so we tried to talk to them some after practice and communicate that we were asking for something else.”

Wofford will practice at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday on the lower soccer practice field. The team will be in shoulder pads for the first time on Wednesday and move to full pads on Friday. 

NOTABLES: Freshman quarterback Nick Colvin is working at wide receiver … Wofford President Dr. Nayef Samhat attended the first portion of practice … This season’s Terriers are from 21 different states, plus Sweden … South Carolina leads the way with 29 student-athletes, followed by Georgia at 22 … The 2013 season begins with a road trip on August 31 to Baylor.

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