Spartanburg Northside Development Taking Shape

Spartanburg Northside Development Taking Shape (Image 1)

Since 2009 the Spartanburg Northside Development Corporation and the city of Spartanburg have purchased 160 lots in the North side of Spartanburg.

This is all part of the Northside development plan. Leaders want to change the boarded up houses, empty lots, and crime ridden area into an area that flourishes.

The change would not only include facelifts for the area, but quality of life changes for the people as well.

The Healthy Food Hub is set to be finished by January of 2014.  Also ground is set to break on the “Model Block,”  a section of six townhomes. 

The NDC has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the Choice Neighborhoods Program planning grant. 

They have also received $2.5 million in private funding. 

A finalized master plan is set to be debuted in six to nine months.  After that is finished, the NDC will then apply for a $30 million grant from The Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Other agencies are also behind this initiative, including Wofford College, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, and the Mary Black Foundation. 

Organizers hope this plan will not only change Spartanburg, but be an inspiration to change other communities as well.

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