Anderson County To Discuss Puppy Mill Ordinance

Anderson Co. Leaders Gaining Input on Puppy Mill Ordinance (Image 1)

Since June 450 animals have been taken from puppy mills in the Upstate.  The most recent being in Starr in Anderson County.

Now Anderson County wants to an ordinance on the books that would stop puppy mills in Anderson County.

At their monthly meeting, council members will discuss possible options for an ordinance.

Those options include requiring every dog and cat sold to have a health certificate with them from a veterinarian.

Another idea is to restrict how many dogs can be sold from a breeder per year.

Also, council is considering requiring all those who sell dogs and cats to have business licenses.

Council hopes to have a drafted ordinance presented to council by their meeting in September.

Greenville County has an ordinance pertaining to puppy mills, it’s listed as “animal mill” as a part of their animal cruelty ordinance.

Georgia has a state law that restricts how many animals can be purchased from a particular breeder per year.  Each breeder is inspected by the state as well, to make sure the animals are living in good conditions.

North Carolina is currently trying to pass a bill that would stop puppy mills as well.

The Anderson County Council meeting is tonight at 6 pm at the Anderson County Courthouse.

Each person that shows up is allowed to speak for 3 minutes.  Council encourages everyone to attend to hear your input on the issue.

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