Schools Adding Security For Football Games

Emerald vs. Daniel - Week 8 (Image 1)

Back to school means back to the gridiron for Friday nights, and Upstate schools are stepping up security for them.

Spartanburg District 3 will not allow backpacks or suspicious packages inside the stadium.

Hired officers will screen those entering the game, and won’t allow people in if they appear intoxicated or under the influence. 

If you’ve been thrown out of the game before, you won’t be allowed back in.

District 5 schools in Spartanburg evaluate their security on a game to game basis.

If the game is large enough, the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office has a command unit to control the crowd. 

Spartanburg District 7 plays all of their games at Wofford college.  At those games, District 7 hires one security guard for every 250 people.

Anderson County District 5 has their school resource officers coordinate security for each game. 

Greenville County Schools have hired officers at every school football game as well.

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