Anderson Co. Leaders Gaining Input on Puppy Mill Ordinance

Anderson Co. Leaders Gaining Input on Puppy Mill Ordinance (Image 1)

Anderson County Leaders are making progress on drafting an ordinance to ban puppy mills.

The council plans to hold a meeting tonight to gather public input on the ordinance. They’re also gathering information from other puppy mill ordinances in the county. Council plans to propose the ordinance in September.

“There is a heightened awareness, the other thing is it shows that people care, they have a deep interest,” says Anderson County Administrator Rusty Burns, “It might lead to something happening some place else other than Anderson County.”

State and Federal laws also have to be taken into consideration.

The dogs that sparked the conversation about a puppy mill ordinance in the county are improving.

“When they first got to the shelter you could walk through there and nobody would make any noise; you walk through there now, they’re yapping their heads off,” Burns says.

More than 150 dogs were seized from a suspected puppy mill in Starr on August 10th. A limited number of dogs will be available for adoption at Anderson County P. A. W. S. next week. The shelter also needs people to continue coming in and adopting other dogs at the shelter to make room for the new dogs.

The public meeting will be held this Thursday, August 29 at 6:00 p.m. at the Historic Courthouse.

After taking in 153 dogs from the puppy mills, Anderson County PAWS says sometimes the community forgets about the other 450 dogs they have for adoption.

PAWS has a Euthanaisa rate of over 50 percent because they can’t turn away strays.

The dogs from the puppy mill will be available for adoption on September 4th, all of the other dogs are available immediately.

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