People Blowing By Bus Stop Signs, A Continuing Problem In Anderson

People Blowing By Bus Stop Signs, A Continuing Problem In Anderson (Image 1)

 Four weeks into the new school year, Anderson District 5 is already reporting at least 50 stop arm violations.  

“It really hurts to see somebody run the stop sign when you’re in the driver’s seat,” says Operations and Route Manager David Poag, “You’re defenseless, you got your kids standing on the side of the road, they’re about to cross and a car blows by.”

Poag manages the routes but this school year has been driving a route each day. He and other drivers have been testing a new program called “Steffi’s.” The “steffi” is a small glove with a reflective arrow on it.  The bus driver uses it to signal kids when it’s safe to cross the streets. The reflective arrow can be seen through a glare and at night.

“We’re checking to make sure nobody is going to run our stop sign,” Poag says.

Poag has also been working on the side with the S.A.V.E. Campaign standing for Stop Arm Violations Education and Enforcement. The campaign has been working to get cameras installed on all buses that would capture the tags of violators and then automatically send them a ticket for running the stop sign.

Last legislative session Senator Thomas Alexander sponsored Senate Bill 718 that would require ticketing cameras on every state bus. Right now the bill is in the Senate Transportation Committee.  People can reach out to the committee members now to voice support.

The committee members can be found by clicking here.

You can learn more about the S.A.V.E. Campaign by clicking here.


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