Mold Found in Presbyterian College Dorm Halls

Presbyterian College has begun the clean up process to get rid of mold in three of their dorm halls, according to the college.

The college found non-toxic surface mold in Barron Hall, Grotnes Hall, and Georgia Hall.

Wednesday night staff met with students to discuss the type of mold and clean up process.

350 students are affected, they will be transferred out of their rooms for a 3 to 5 day period to another room on campus, before being able to return.

They will move the students one hallway per dorm at a time.

The college did bring in an industrial hygienist who conducted environmental tests and determined the mold did not cause an immediate threat to students.

Specialized contractors have been hired to perform the clean up.

The heavy rains this summer are to blame for the mold, according to the college.

For anyone who has questions concerning the mold situation on campus, they can contact 864-833-8457.

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