Feds: Union Co. Schools Fail to Treat Female Athletes Equally

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An investigation by the U.S. Department of Education has found female athletes aren’t given the same opportunities as male athletes, according to a statement from a government spokesman.

According to the spokesman, Union County Schools “have failed to provide female athletes equal opportunities with respect to: equitable facilities, including practice and competitive softball fields; strength training facilities and locker rooms; laundering of uniforms; pregame meals; scheduling and number of games; and maintenance of uniforms.”

The investigation by the department’s Office for Civil Rights was launched in April after a female student made a complaint that alleged she and other female athletes were discriminated against solely because of their sex.

The U.S. Department of Education says that initial allegation — of different treatment on the basis of sex — was found to be untrue. It says there was no evidence to suggest outright discrimination, and it also says there was no evidence the district discriminated against females “with respect to per diem funding, equipment, supplies, publicity and medical training services.”

As for the findings of failure in certain areas, the education department spokesman says the school district signed a resolution agreement on September 24th and promised to address the Title IX compliance concerns.

Two emails and a phone message seeking comment from District Superintendent Dr. Kristi Woodall were not returned as of this posting.

However, earlier this week Woodall told the local newspaper, “I was confident they would not find discrimination in the treatment of female athletes in our district.”

She was never quoted as acknowledging or reporting during an open meeting Monday night that the department had, in fact, cited the district on a number of compliance issues.

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