Group Works To Help Homeless Veterans

Group Works To Help Homeless Veterans (Image 1)
Group Works To Help Homeless Veterans (Image 1)

An Upstate group is working to get homeless veterans off the streets and into housing.

Upstate Stand Down plans on servicing over 400 veterans and their families from over 11 counties in Spartanburg Thursday.

The event starts at 9 a.m. at the Restoration church in Spartanburg. 

The assistance is free to all veterans and their families.

Services include meals, clothing, clothing for interviews, housing assistance, and  education assistance.

There will also be health checks, flu shots given, and emergency dental work done.

Last year Upstate Stand Down helped over 185 veterans and their families.

They also housed 19 veterans beginning that night.

The services begin at 9 this morning and run 4 p.m.

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