Food Stamp Decrease Impact On SC Families

The Rye family doesn’t yet know how they’ll make it work.

“We went from getting like $700 a month with three kids to $510 starting December 1st,” said Chris Rye.

They’re one of the more than 417,696 households in South Carolina that rely on food stamps.

And today, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP benefits were cut more than $5 billion nationwide.

Reverend Kevin Koger of Greater Spartanburg Ministries has been stocking up their food pantry because of it.

“We also stocked up on a few pallets of baby food items for children in anticipation of some cuts in the food stamps,” said Koger.

And with holiday demands coming up on top of that, he’s hoping the community will step in.

“We’re about 400 cases of canned goods short,” said Koger. “That’s 400 times 24 cans that we’re anticipating for the holiday demand.”

Food stamp benefits initially went up because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It was meant as a temporary boost to help families impacted by the recession.

November 1st marks the end to that increase, reducing benefits to what they were before the stimulus funding.

A single person will see $11 less a month. For two people, it’s $20 dollars less. A family of four will get $36 less a month.

The SC Department of Social Services told us they sent out notices to everyone who receives benefits to let them know of the changes. DSS says if you have any questions, visit your county DSS office.

If you rely on food stamps, don’t forget about your local farmers market. In Spartanburg, the Hub City Farmers Market will double your SNAP benefits. You can double up to $25 for each visit. The Double SNAP Program runs through December 14th.

To help Greater Spartanburg Ministries fill its food pantry, you can drop monetary or canned food donations at 680 Asheville Highway in Spartanburg. Or call: (864) 585-9371.

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