My Invite To The Billy Graham Birthday Celebration And My Hope Kickoff – How Did THAT Happen?

My Invite To The Billy Graham Birthday Celebration And My Hope Kickoff - How Did THAT Happen? (Image 1)

On Billy Graham’s 90th birthday, three of the grand kids decided it was time to make a website that could be home to all the wonderful stories they have heard about the way Billy Graham has touched people’s lives. They created

I was at one of Rev. Graham’s crusade’s in Stockholm Sweden in the late 70’s, while living their with my family. It was the day I gave my heart to Christ. A day the seeds were planted for my faith to grow over the years.

So on Rev. Graham’s 90th birthday when I heard about the website, I figured it was time to say “Thank you Billy.”

I wrote up a short note, about that life changing moment in Stockholm and the gratitude in my heart for Rev. Graham. I discussed the “small world” nature of having been across the ocean when I was saved, and now living in Rev. Graham ‘s Carolina “backyard” – as a news anchor he can actually watch. And the small world gets smaller! Rev. Graham and I also share the same pastor, Don Wilton, at First Baptist in Spartanburg!

All those moments collided into something very special when Jerushah Armfield reached out to me about four months ago. Jerushah’s Billy Graham’s grandaughter and has been asked to write a book featuring some of the stories shared on the Thank You Billy website. She was reading through them, when she came across mine. She lives in Greenville and reached out to me to say she’d like to feature my story in the upcoming book!

One thing led to the other, I sent in more details about my experience in Stockholm at Rev. Graham’s crusade, I reached out to my pastor, also Billy Graham’s pastor. I expressed to both of them how much I’d always wanted to meet this earth angel.

And the next thing you know about a month ago, I was invited to Rev. Billy Graham’s 95th birthday bash!

If you would like to say thank you to Rev. Billy Graham, click here.

Did you ever attend a Billy Graham crusade? Tell me about it on my Facebook page.

SEE my story by clicking here.

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