Townville Post Office Drop Box Vandalized This Weekend

Townville Post Office Drop Box Vandalized This Weekend (Image 1)

The United States Post Office is looking into a possible mail theft in Anderson County. A drop box at the Townville Post Office was broken into sometime between PM Friday and 9:30 am Saturday.

7 On Your Side spoke with Walter Cole, the man who found the lock had been tampered with. He said he arrived at the post office in the morning and backed up to empty the drop box. He noticed some letters were still inside the box but it had been opened.

“I looked over and saw the lid down on the blue box. It’s crazy someone here on the highway someone try to do that”, said Cole.

7 On Your Side contacted the United States Postal Service and they said the holiday season is the busiest time of year for people using the mail service. Many people mail cards with money or order gifts.

When Cole noticed the open box he went inside the post office and immediately contacted the post master. USPS said each post master is trained in how to handle a security situation and the postal inspector and Anderson County Sheriff’s Office was contacted.

Investigators said stealing mail is a federal offense and someone caught doing it may be put in jail. At this time they’re not positive mail wa actually stolen from the drop box, but it was open.

One carrier working at the post office said many people pay bills and drop them off after hours on Friday’s. The post office was very busy Saturday afternoon.

Many people say they use the drop box because it’s easy and they can stay in their car.

“ I seen it was all closed up and I read the sign that said put it inside it’s been broke into,” said Gene Ramsey.

7 On Your Side asked USPS what you need to know to keep your mail safe. Officers said it’s best to bring mail to the post office right before collection time. A mailbox with a flag raised they said, is a target. They also recommend not sending cash in an envelope if you can help it.

It’s a habit Bobby Cox, a member of Townville Baptist Church is going to keep. He said he enjoys mailing children at his church gift cards and always brings his mail inside.

“As a town we need to come inside the post office and have a more secure box to drop our mail in and you have a local box in here to get it quicker through the mail,” said Cox.

Cox said he knows many people who still may use the box to mail letters.

“I can see some of them don’t want to get out of their car it could be the weather but it is safer to go inside,” he said.

The Townville Post Office does not have security cameras. Investigators ask that if you put something in the mail after the post office closed last night, you contact the post office or the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

USPS said the box may have been broken into between 4 pm Friday and 9 am Saturday. Experts say you may want to contact your bank if you sent a check as well as the business or person you were sending the check to.

The US Postal Service said a break-in like this is extremely rare.

Again you need to call the Post Master or USPS if you think your mail may be stolen.

That number is 1-800-ASK-USPS or…1-800-275-8777

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