Watch For Fake Charities Asking For Philippine Aid Donations

Watch For Fake Charities Asking For Philippine Aid Donations (Image 1)

More than 2,300 are dead, 600,000 homeless and horrific scenes in the Philippines likely make you want to donate to help. South Carolina’s Department of Consumer Affairs says do research first so your money doesn’t go to a crook.

We’ve learned scammers follow the headlines. They set up fake charities hoping to capitalize off tragedy.

“People are hungry right now; they don’t have no water; no food,” says Filipino native Ron Brunzuela.

Brunzuela’s family still lives in Cebu. He was taking with them when the storm hit. Now he wants nothing more than to be able to help his countrymen.

“I wanted to go I wanted go to help out; it’s hard you know, what can I do?” Brunzuela asks.

Charities across the world are sending aid to tPhilippinesnes. Here’s a list of tips from the Department of Consumer Affairs so you know the warning signs of a bad charity:

  • Research. Never give to a charity you know nothing about. Request writtliteratureire and a copy of  the charity’s latest annual report. Make sure the charity is registered with the Secretary of State’s Office. You can search charities by clicking here.
  • Double check the charity’s name.  Fake charities often use names that are similar to legitimate, well-known charities to gain your trust or confuse you.
  • Ignore high-pressure tactics. Do not let yourself be pressured into contributing  on the spot. If you feel uncomfortable, hang up!
  • Pop-up Charities. Be wary of any charity that suddenly springs up when a crisis occurs. Only donate to organizations that are well-established, well-known and well-respected.

You can also search charities and see their IRS forms by searching for them on or by clicking here.

See More Damage in The Philippines Here:

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