Wish 1: A Stove for Margie Scruggs

Wish 1: A Stove for Margie Scruggs (Image 1)

Jack Roper: And in the easy chair in Mayo, here is Margie Scruggs. Hello Margie. How are you?

Margie Scruggs: Fine. How are you?

Jack Roper: I’m fine. Are you comfortable? Are you ok? ‘Cause you just got over surgery.

Margie Scruggs: Right. It’s a little bit rough, but I’m trying to get over it.

Jack Roper: You know, we heard about you through your sister… that’s Paulette Mintz.

Margie Scruggs: Yes, She’s my only sister.

Jack Roper: Well she says… “My wish is for my only living sister to receive a new electric cook stove/oven. She is well known in her community of Mayo for being so kind and helpful to others. Margie comes from a large family and enjoys having family meals at her home. The stove has now only 2 working burners and they are the small ones. Margie is going through a hard time right now. Last year after Margie had a mammogram and ultrasound she was told she has duct carcinoma.

Jack Roper:  You’re just coming back from surgery.

Margie Scruggs: Yes sir.  

Jack Roper: How are you feeling?

Margie Scruggs: Pretty sore.

But, you’re ok sitting up talking to us?

Margie Scruggs: Oh, yes sir. Yes, sir. I’m fine sitting right here.

Well, I’m glad we could come see you. We thought this would perk you up a little bit. Make you feel better if we just brought you a brand new stove. How about that? A new range and cook stove.

Margie Scruggs: Oh, lord, yes.

Margie Scruggs: I appreciate it.

Jack Roper: Merry Christmas early.

Margie Scruggs: Thank you!

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