Greenville County Deputy Injured During Armed Robbery Investigation, Victim Arrested

Dozens Arrested In Prostitution Sting (Image 1)

A Greenville County Sheriff’s deputy was injured when she became trapped between her police cruiser and a fence while investigating an armed robbery.

Lieutenant Tim Ridgeway of the sheriff’s office said that the unidentified female deputy responded to a report of an armed robbery to a person on Interurban Avenue just before 7 p.m. Thursday night. When the deputy got out of the car to approach the victim, the victim ran off. In an effort to pursue the victim, the deputy turned around and the police cruiser began to roll forward. The deputy attempted to stop the vehicle, but it pinned her knee between the front bumper and the fence until a group of bystanders came to her aide. The deputy was transported to the hospital with a minor knee injury, Ridgeway said.

However, the robbery victim called the Greenville Law Enforcement Center shortly thereafter wishing to file a police report about the armed robbery. According to Ridgeway, deputies told the man that he could only file the report in person instead of over the phone. Ridgeway said that the victim told deputies he had warrants out for his arrest and did not want to file the report in person.

Deputies managed to trace the wanted suspect back to a home near where the armed robbery took place. When they arrived, the man slammed the door in their faces and attempted to flee again, Ridgeway stated. However, deputies managed to apprehend the unidentified man and took him into custody.

There was no immediate description on the armed robbery suspect and the case is still under investigation.

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