YES! Chesnee Soldier Proposes To Girlfriend At Spartanburg Ice Skating Rink

YES! Chesnee Soldier Proposes To Girlfriend At Spartanburg Ice Skating Rink (Image 1)

For Preston Harris persistence and patience really does pay off.

As a member of the United States Air Force, like most members of the military Harris has endured a lot. Over the past two years, the 20-year-old from Chesnee has gone through training, been stationed in Florida and Hawaii and fought in Afghanistan. During that time he has sacrificed a lot as well, especially when it came to being away from his family and his girlfriend, Megan Hart. But Monday night will be a night he will remember forever.

While home on-leave for the holidays, Harris wanted to find the right way to “pop the question” to Hart, who lives in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. So after six days of sending e-mails and multiple phone calls to the staff at Spartanburg’s Skating On The Square to plan the occasion, he thought the plans to ask her to marry him were complete. However, there was on catch: the weather.

Hart’s flight from Florida to the upstate on Sunday was canceled due to the stormy weather, so the panic set in for Harris. Instead of coming in a day early, he had to wait for her to fly in to Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Monday. Not only that, her flight did not land until 6 p.m. and he was set to propose at the skating rink a little after 7:30 Monday night. 

So, like a veteran he showed poise in the face of adversity. He traveled to Charlotte, picked her up and headed back to Spartanburg. When they got back to town, they went to the skating rink for what may have been one of, if not the most, nerve-racking moments of his life. 

They got their tokens from the ticket box, put on their ice skates and went onto the ice. What she did not know was that a few minutes later her life would change forever due to the plans that Harris, along with the staff at the ice rink, had set up for the occasion. 

After about 10 minutes of skating, including a few minutes to the Jason Derulo song “Marry Me” the call came to clean the ice. The rink mascots, “Frosty” and “Polar Bear,” came on the ice to escort the large crowd off. But, there was one couple that was allowed on – Harris and Hart. 

As they skated together in the middle of the rink, “Frosty” showed up with a microphone and handed it to Harris. With people watching, Harris stopped, got down on one knee, pulled out a ring and said to Hart, “I want to turn this one day into forever with you! Megan, will you marry me?” Hart’s answer? “It’s so pretty – Yes!”
As the crowd applauded, it was the fitting ending for what turned out to be a long wait, but just the beginning of a bright future for the couple, who also received some special treats courtesy the staff at the rink. 

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