2013 4th Rainiest Year On Record For South Carolina Upstate

2013 4th Rainiest Year On Record For South Carolina Upstate (Image 1)

Rain and flooding were big problems in South Carolina in 2013. Greenville Spartanburg Airport they received 69.56″ of rain. The average total is 47.07.”
One storm in July caused washed out roads, flooded homes, and the dam to fail at Chris Taylor Park in Anderson County. Creekside Barbeque filled with 44″ of water. Furniture, cleaning supplies and even the restaurant’s dumpster was swept downstream. It’s something owner Kurt Wickiser is happy to have behind him.

“We’re real happy to have it behind us, the Lord’s blessed us, got us back up and running in 14 days,” Wickiser says.

Wickiser credits people from the community who just showed up to help.

In Anderson County that same storm caused the dam at Chris Taylor Park to breach. The County is still working to get it fixed. Washed out roads like Gerrard Road has been repaired. The County says they’re still tallying how much flooding cost them. Rusty Burns, Anderson County Interim Administrator, estimates it’s in the thousands. Burns says they’re still waiting on some insurance claims. He also says that cleaning up the mess from the rain means County crews can’t be working on other projects.

The newly opened East West Parkway’s opening was delayed several months because of the soggy summer.

South Carolina’s Department of Transportation had to spend thousands fixing damaged roads. Here’s a breakdown of how much flooding repairs cost in each county:

Greenville:      $165,451
Spartanburg:  $63,000
Anderson:      $27,179

Total Rainfall Numbers from National Weather Service:

Greenville:        69.56″
Spartanburg:     65.05″
Anderson:         66.59″

2013 Flooding:

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