Cold Weather Affecting School Bus Routes

The cold weather is affecting school buses starting and running routes on time.

Greenville county had 34 of 358 buses not start Tuesday morning. 18 routes were affected as a result.

A spokesperson for the state transportation says many issues with buses were mechanical issues, including spark plugs and dead batteries.  The state had mechanics working on the buses Tuesday and has mechanics on hand Wednesday morning.

The state has also issued an anti-idiling policy. Buses are supposed to shut their engines off anytime they are at a drop off or pick up location for more than 3 minutes. Buses are asked to keep their engines on the entire time on routes through Jan 10.

Anderson, Spartanburg, and Union county also had bus issues Tuesday.

Anderson saw 26 buses not start, while Spartanburg had 34 that were delayed. Union only had 4 buses not start.

The state maintenance department says the issues have been addressed and should not affect future routes.

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