Have A Pothole? Know How To Get It Patched

Have A Pothole? Know How To Get It Patched (Image 1)
Have A Pothole? Know How To Get It Patched (Image 1)

SC DOT reports they fixed more than 5,000 potholes on Upstate roads in 2013.  They are expecting that number to rise due to the extreme cold the Upstate has seen.

Potholes form after extreme cold on roads that then thaws out. They can cause extreme damage to vehicles.

The city of Greenville also patched a large amount of potholes in 2013, just over 800.

Agencies are asking for the public to be their eyes and ears for pothole repairs, as they can’t find them all.

If you see a pothole, you can call the public works department that will come out and patch it for you.

To report a pothole within in the city of Greenville, you can call 864-467-4335. You can also click here for more information.

To report a pothole within the city of Spartanburg, you can call (864) 596-2107.  You can also report it online, by clicking here.

For state roads, you can use the following numbers.

Greenville Maintenance 864-241-1224

Spartanburg Maintenance 864-587-4725

Oconee Maintenance 864-647-0879

Pickens Maintenance 864-859-0039

Anderson Maintenance 864-260-2215

Public Works Streets Department Hotline: 864-467-4335

You can also report state roads pothole problems online, click here.

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