Anderson Co. Community Group Helps Cut Crime By 3%

Anderson Co. Community Group Helps Cut Crime By 3% (Image 1)

In 2010 10% of all the crime in Anderson County happened in a small 1.5 mile circle section. Now, with the help the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, the area’s community group has helped cut the crime down to 7%.

“We’re not the worst community now,” says one of the group leaders, Terry Chapman.

Chapman grew up near the Appleton Mill in Anderson. He called the mill village home.

“I learned to play ball on these streets,” Chapman says.

‘We used to, could let our children go anywhere now you can’t let them out the door hardly,” says Vera Farrow, a resident of the hill since 1963.

Farrow’s grandkids now live down the street but it’s too dangerous for them to go out and play. Monthly reports from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office show burglaries, vandalism, assault and other crimes are prevalent in the Alphabet Street area.

“I found out some of the people were sleeping in their bathtubs,” Chapman says, “They were scared.”

Chapman decided to change that He helped start a community group with the Sheriff’s Office. Deputies have increased patrols in the area. Chapman and others spend time driving through the neighborhood. If something doesn’t look right they report it.

“It ain’t got there yet, its getting better but it’s you still gotta be careful,” says Levi Farrow.

Still the work is making a difference. Violent crime and burglaries have dropped in the area since 2010. Meanwhile those same crimes in the county have increased.

Violent Crimes and Burglaries:

Old Town/New Town Community Group:
2010: 263
2013: 211

Anderson County:
2010: 2,506
2013: 2,794

The group meets the 2nd Monday of each month at House of Prayer at 6 p.m. They discuss the latest issues they’re dealing with.

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