Bassmaster Classic Fishing Tournament Coming To Anderson in 2015

Lake Hartwell

Local fisherman and enthusiasts are rejoicing at news Bassmaster Classic fishing tournament will be coming to Lake Hartwell in 2015.

“It is absolutely great we need that around here,” says fisherman Charlie Hales.

Lake Hartwell has already attracted some high profile competitions. The FLW competition will be held in March on the lake. The Upstate also hosted the Bassmaster Classic in 2008. Leaders say the tournament pumped up to $19,000,000 into the local economy.

Anderson County began developing a larger boat ramp for Hartwell after that tournament. The Green Pond Boat ramp will offer up to 6 275 foot ramps with ample parking and an outdoor amphitheater. Green Pond is scheduled to open in May. County officials and fisherman say the new ramp will bring more money to the Upstate.

“We’re gonna see that the economy’s gonna pick up because there are gonna be a lot of larger tournaments bringing the money in because of the facilities,” Hales says.

A formal announcement of the tournament will be made on Thursday at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville.

Learn More About Green Pond Boat Ramp:

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