Woman Escapes From Deputies Car, Threatens To Cut Herself

A woman arrested for shoplifting from a Greenville Walmart briefly escaped from a Greenville County Sheriff’s deputy Wednesday evening.

Lieutenant Tim Ridgeway of the sheriff’s office said the incident happened around 7:20 p.m. shortly after the deputy had placed the unidentified woman under arrest for shoplifting at the Walmart on Woodruff Road.

According to Ridgeway, the woman was handcuffed and in the backseat of the deputy’s vehicle when she began to complain of chest pains. The deputy had cracked the windows in the backseat of the vehicle to give the woman some fresh air when she managed to get out of her handcuffs, undo her seatbelt and crawl out of the window. 

As the deputy was driving along Grove Road, near Greenville Memorial Hospital, the woman was hanging partially out of the vehicle. The deputy quickly stopped, and before he could make his way to the side of the car, the woman managed to escape from the car and take off running toward a nearby neighborhood. Ridgeway said that the deputy managed to quickly catch up with the woman, who still had the handcuffs in her possession, and she began to threaten to cut her throat with the handcuffs. 

The deputy managed to wrestle the woman to the ground, but was still having trouble trying to subdue her. He asked for bystanders to call 911 for assistance, but he managed to take her into custody before other deputies arrived. The woman was transported to the hospital for further medical treatment where her condition was not immediately known. 

In addition to the shoplifting charge, the woman will be charged with escape and resisting arrest, Ridgeway stated. 

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