Proposed SC Bill Allows People To Carry Hand Guns Without A Permit

If a proposed bill in the South Caroline Legislation passes it would allow anyone who can legally buy a gun to carry the gun in public.

Senator Lee Bright is one of the sponsors for the “South Carolina Constitutional Carry Act of 2013” or S. 115. He says it eliminates the need for a concealed weapons permit. He says the mandatory training and fees for CWPs go against the United States 2nd Amendment.

The bill was taken on a statewide tour in 2013. Lee says they were met with positive responses everywhere they went.

Still, not everyone is on board. Jim Braziel, a concealed weapons permit instructor at Sharp Shooters Gun Club and Range, says people still need to have basic legal safety instruction.

“It just scares me that anybody can come in if this thing passes, purchase a gun, walk out, put it in a holster, walk down main street with it having no idea what the law says as far as when can I protect myself- when can I protect my family,” Braziel says.

The bill was introduced last year but then sent to committees. It will be in the Senate Judiciary Committee next week. We’ll continue to watch it’s progress and let you know what happens.

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