Former Anderson County Sheriff Recalls Harrowing Robbery, Shooting

Former SEC Football Player Charged In Death Of Georgia Boy (Image 1)

A former upstate Sheriff was the victim of an armed robbery and shooting in the city of Greenville Saturday night.

Former Anderson County Sheriff Gene Taylor said he was getting groceries out of the trunk of his car in the parking lot of his apartment complex at the Preserve at Woods Lake when a man came up and pushed him. When he turned around, Taylor said that the man was behind him and wearing a bandana and had a gun in his hand and demanded his money. 

“I told him that I would give them my checkbook, but he stuck the gun in my stomach and threatened to kill me,” said. Taylor. So instead, Taylor said he decided to fight back.

“I tried to get the gun and turn the tables on him,” he said. “If I could have, there would’ve been a different ending.” 

After struggling with t he robber, Taylor fell on the ground and skinned his knee. He said that a second robber, a tall, skinny black male wearing a Halloween mask, approached him and shot him in the leg. That’s when he said he threw his wallet to the robbers and ran away. 

Taylor said he realized he was bleeding and went to get some help so he knocked on one apartment and nobody was at home, and then he knocked on a second apartment but the person would not come to the door. After realizing he had his cell phone with him, Taylor said he tried to call 911 for help, but he had injured his hand during the struggle and broke his glasses, and was unable to. So he tried something that he used to do with regularly – he called his old office.

“I called the (Anderson) sheriff’s office and told them who I was and what happened,” he said. “They told me they would help and transferred me to Greenville (911) and they dispatched an officer.”

The officer shortly arrived and used a tourniquet to help stabilize Taylor’s wound. He was then transported to the hospital where they determined that the wound did not hit the artery in his upper thigh. He was treated overnight and brought home Sunday morning.

“It felt like I was hit by a sledgehammer,” he said. “I don’t recommend that to anyone.”

Greenville Police Department spokesman Johnathan Bragg said that the suspects, both described as tall, slender black males, left the scene in a unidentified vehicle. Police are asking that anyone who has information about the suspects or the incident to call the Greenville Police Department Tip Line at (864) 271-4273 or Greenville Crime Stoppers at (864) 23-CRIME.

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