Cameras Capture Everything at Upstate Schools

Cameras Capture Everything at Upstate Schools (Image 1)

A brawl at an Upstate High School was captured from several different angles. Cell phones, parent cameras and Ware Shoals’ security cameras.

“I’ve looked at video footage til I’m just about blind,” says Ware Shoals Police Chief Harry Irick.

Irick says looking at the video helped them identify 8 more suspects in the brawl who now face charges.

Cameras in schools are nothing new but focus on the cameras has been heavy for the past several years. District leaders say cameras help them keep students safe.

“They are a great advantage and it would be a little more difficult to do our jobs if we didn’t have the cameras,” says Dr. Sonia Leverette, assistant superintendent with Anderson District 5.

From her district office Leverette can pull up any camera in any school in the district just to check in and make sure everything is ok.

“It allows us to be proactive in many ways,” Leverette says.

Greenville Police say cameras at Sterling Elementary captured a robber running from the scene after mugging a teacher. Police say tips from releasing that video helped them find the suspect.

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