Emergency Management Not Ruling Out Calling in National Guard

Emergency Management Not Ruling Out Calling in National Guard (Image 1)

Emergency responders aren’t wasting any time getting ready for the snowstorm.

Across the Upstate, they’re hard at work making sure they’re ready when the weather hits.

Emergency Management agencies said the number one thing you can do to avoid being part an emergency yourself is staying off the roads once we start getting ice and snow.

Back in 2010, the Upstate had a big snowstorm that left cars slipping and sliding. So many people found themselves needing help, several counties had to call in the National Guard.

After that, Anderson County got Humvees so they can get to you faster without having to call in the National Guard. Those are ready to deploy with a paramedic, police officer and firefighter onboard if we get significant amounts of ice.

Greenville Co. Emergency Management Deputy Director Jay Marett said he’s been coordinating with local and state emergency responders all day and will call in the National Guard again if necessary.

“Well, I’m not going to say that we won’t have to call them in again. That’s one of the things we do as Emergency Management, we broker resources. So if the hospital has critical staff that they can’t get in, we will indeed call in those resources again,” said Marett.

Spartanburg city government is warning their response capabilities can get overwhelmed during severe weather since they see increased calls for service for blocked roads and damage. They’re also cautioning people major storms can put the city behind for weeks on yard waste collection.

Emergency Management agencies are recommending you start doing your own emergency planning right now. Figure out where you would stay if this ice causes your power to go out for days. If you have nowhere to go, contact the Red Cross and they’ll get you into a shelter.

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