What To Do Now Before You’re Stranded in the Snow

What To Do Now Before Your Stranded in the Snow (Image 1)

South Carolina Highway Patrol is bracing for several days of assisting drivers stranded on the side of the road. There are several things you can do now to make sure that you can remain calm.

“I’m bracing myself for this one because they saying its gonna be real bad,” says Tanya Robinson.

Robinson plans on staying home for the next few days to wait at the storm. That is not an option available for everyone. If you do have to go out prepare yourself now before you get stuck.

“If something bad does happen you know where you’re at and know who to call,” says Terry Standridge with Standridge Towing and Recovery.

That means research tow companies and find out pricing before going out. Bring that information with you. Standridge says anything more than $230 is too much for service.

If you have to abandon your car, move it off the road. Highway Patrol understands people will come back to get abandoned cars once the weather clears.

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