As Temperatures Dip, Break-Ins Heat Up

As Temperatures Dip, Break-Ins Heat Up (Image 1)

Authorities said a rash of car break-ins across the county this week probably had something to do with the winter storm.

In all, there were 19 break-ins between Monday and Friday. The sheriff’s office said that is a spike from what it usually sees during a typical week.

“The feeling of being violated,” said Donald Bishop. “It’s my yard, it’s my truck – you ain’t got no business being in it.”

Bishop, who said a neighbor found his stolen cell phone and bag of change around the corner, plans to lock his truck and get a guard dog.

Anthony Mack of Boiling Springs said thieves broke into his car and his girlfriend’s truck, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of electronics.

“No matter how much you trust the place – you could be right beside the police station – lock your doors,” said Anthony Mack. “I learned my lesson there.”

Sheriff Chuck Wright also said it’s difficult for crime scene technicians to collect evidence from vehicles when they’re icy and wet.

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