Greenwood Co. Homeowners Reporting Minor Damage After Earthquake

Greenwood Co. Homeowners Reporting Minor Damage After Earthquake (Image 1)

Cracked plaster is a common scene in Upstate homes after an earthquake rattled the area Friday night. The damage is minor but considered normal for at 4.1 magnitude quake says emergency leaders.

George McKinney, Greenwood County’s Emergency Management Coordinator says they’ve received reports of 11 homes with minor damage in the county. His division has been collecting damage information since the quake.

“Everything was rattling on the walls and the candy dish on the table was rattling,” says Elizabeth Paront, who says her home was damaged in the earthquake.

The most concerning damage is a where the popcorn ceiling has split in her kitchen, says David Todd, with Todd’s Contracting of Greenwood.

Todd says the light could fall at any moment because of the sagging ceiling.

The Paront’s called the fire department shortly after noticing the damage on Friday night. The fire department told them to find some place else to stay until they knew the home was safe.

The Red Cross has put the family in a hotel but the family now has to figure out what they’re going to do.

“I’m worried,” says Howard Paront, “I’m upset about it because we have to find somewhere to go.”

They aren’t alone. Damage like at the Paront’s home is being reported across the Upstate. Homeowners will likely be stuck footing the bill for the damage because most policies don’t cover earthquake damage.

Earthquake insurance policies can be purchased but do your research before signing up. Make sure you know what the policy does and doesn’t cover so you know what you’re paying for. Also, ask about the deductible. Earthquake insurance is known to be very expensive and having a higher deductible.

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