United Way’s “211” Quickest Way to Get Help When It’s Not An Emergency

United Way's "211" Quickest Way to Get Help When It's Not An Emergency (Image 1)
United Way's "211" Quickest Way to Get Help When It's Not An Emergency (Image 1)

From financial help to healthcare United Way’s 211 can get you help across the Upstate. The number was set up to help prevent non-emergency calls from going to 911.

“It allows people to seek help themselves without burdening the emergency system,” says Don McCowan, Deputy Coroner with Anderson County.

Medshore runs 211 in Anderson but the service is in every Upstate County. Each county has a list of resources that they can run through to get people the best possible solution.

In Anderson most of the calls are handled by Elizabeth Capell.

“I love to interact with people, help people,” Capell says.

Capell says most calls are asking about utility and rent payment assistance. She can also direct people to food pantries and healthcare. During the last winter snowstorm she helped get people heat. Anything someone might need, Capell tries to solve it.

“I think some people that call in are lonely too and enjoy talking,” Capell says.

The hotline is growing in popularity. It started in Anderson in 2010 and since then the number of yearly calls have doubled.


2010: 1,050 Calls For Help

2011: 1,654 Calls For Help

2012: 1,729 Calls For Help

2013: 2,278 Calls For Help

You can read more about United Way’s 211 by clicking here.

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