Greenville Co. Will Hold Final Roads Meetings

Greenville Co. Will Hold Final Roads Meetings (Image 1)

The newly formed Greenville County Citizens Roads Commission is holding the last of their public meetings this week.

The road commission is looking for your input on what the roads are like throughout Greenville County.

Many complaints the commission has heard so far are poor road conditions, roads having potholes or needing to be repaved.

Other complaints include traffic congestion in areas like Woodruff Road.

Public meetings are being held in various areas around the county, to hear issues in each of the areas.

At each meeting, each person is designated two minutes to speak and issue their complaint.

You may attend more than one meeting.

They are taking complaints on not just county maintained roads, but also state and city roads.

The commission is also focusing on roads and bridges conditions for the future, to make sure they are structurally sound.

After Saturday the commission will then begin to prioritize the complaints by a ranking system.  That list will be presented to Greenville County Council in April.

Council will then decide what projects to fund from there. 

 Here’s a list of times and locations for the meetings: 

Monday Feb. 24
Sterling Community Center
113 Minus St.
6: – 8:30pm

Tuesday Feb. 25
Valley Brook Outreach Church
8323 Augusta Road
6:30 – 8:30 pm

Thursday Feb. 27
Mauldin Cultural Center
101 East Butler Road
6:30 – 8:30pm

March 1
County Square
301 University Ridge , Suite 400
9:00am – Noon

If you can’t attend, you can also voice your opinion online, click here.

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