High Power Bills Shock People Across the Upstate

High Power Bills Shock People Across the Upstate (Image 1)

A lot of you have contacted us about high power bills. In many cases your bill has doubled and in some cases it’s tripled.

“We were shocked and we had no idea,” says Spartanburg resident Shelly Linder.

Linder says high power bills have been a hot topic lately. She says her family is cutting back to be able to pay the $448.53 power bill from January.

“We knew it would go up some because it was so cold,” Linder says, “I didn’t think it would be quite that much.”

Power companies across our area re reporting record usage because of colder weather. They say when it gets that cold outside your heater has to work even harder to keep the home at a steady temperature.

Linder says her furnace was constantly running but only hitting 65 degrees with both the gas fireplace and wood burning stove running.

The Department of Energy recommends 68 degrees or lower. Every degree above that can cost you. Each degree higher you set on the thermostat adds 3% to 5% on your heating cost. Keeping your thermostat as low as you can handle will save you money.

Duke Energy says there was a rate hike that went into effect in October 2013 but that these high bills are all from high usage during cold temperatures.

Duke Energy customers can monitor their daily usage online on Duke’s website that way you can adjust if you see your usage spiking.

Power companies are suggest people keep curtains and blinds open during the day so the sun can help warm your home. They also suggest flipping your fans the other way so they push warm air down into the room.

If You Need Help Paying Your Power Bill:

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