Anderson Co. Schools Propose 1% Sales Tax Increase

Anderson County School Districts and the Anderson County Board of Education have all approved a 1% sales tax increase in Anderson County. They say the revenue would help lower property taxes and provide more training for high school students.

“We needed to start on this yesterday,” says Anderson County School District 5 Superintendent Tom Wilson.

Wilson explains that 20% of all the collected money would go straight towards paying down School District bonds. The rest would be available for improvements. Anderson Districts 3, 4 and 5 will use money to build a college and career center near Tri County Tech’s Anderson Campus, Wilson says.

It’s estimated the sales tax could bring in $13 million for the school and the sales tax would only last for 15 years.

Anderson County leaders support the proposed tax increase. They say they need to have a more trained workforce so companies will continue to come to the Upstate.

“There’s a lot of opportunity out there but the key is to have a course of study that’s relevant and meets the needs,” Wilson says.

The proposal will be sent to the Anderson County Legislative Delegation and could end up on the November ballot for Anderson County Residents to vote on.

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