Anderson Group Plans Dog Park For Downtown

Anderson Group Plans Dog Park For Downtown (Image 1)

An Anderson group has drawn up plans to build a dog park in downtown. They’re hoping people will help them raise the money needed for the play space for “man’s best friend.”

“To Benefit Anderson” or “TBA” plans to turn the First Baptist Church parking lot between East Benson Street and East Whitner Street into a one acre park. Plans include space for big and small dogs and each section includes an exercise and obstacle course.

“So many people are living downtown, people with dogs all over the place, but as of now, there’s no place to unleash the dogs,” says Marshall Meadors with TBA.

Dog owners are excited about the possibility. 

“I think our dogs need more socialization,” says dog owner Lezli Langenfeld. 

TBA plans to break ground as soon as they’ve raised $120,000 for the project. Right now, the group has $14,000 for the dog park. They’re accepting donations through “Foothills Foundation,” which makes all donations tax deductible. 

This is not the first beautification project TBA has done. Through donations only from group members, they’ve added Portman Shoals corner park, Wren Fountain on River and Main Street and the fountain and walkway in Caton Alley. This time they want the public more involved.

“We hope this will appeal to a broad spectrum of the community,” Meadors says, “It will be a public park.”

To donate to the dog park go to and select the “TBA 100 Fund.”



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