Gusty Winds Causing Problems Around Upstate, Western NC

Gusty Winds Causing Problems Around Upstate, Western NC (Image 1)

Thousands of people in the upstate and western North Carolina are without power as the gusty winds have caused havoc throughout the area.

In the upstate, Duke Energy reported over 7,500 outages with Greenville County having 3,388 outages and Spartanburg County having 2,835. In western North Carolina, over 3,300 people were without power, including 1,600 each in Buncombe and Rutherford counties.

According to online reports from Duke Energy, power outages are estimated to be restored for most areas by late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

The winds, which were reportedly gusting in the low 40’s this afternoon and low 30’s this evening, also caused some damage in the upstate. Reports of roofs being damaged, roofs being thrown from barns, trampolines being tossed around outside and even trees falling on cars and power lines. In one case, a man was working on his car on Amhurst Drive in Spartanburg when a limb fell and crushed aa part of a car and punctured three holes in the roof. The man was stuck under the car but not injured.

Traffic signals in several upstate counties were not working properly due to the gusts.

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