Missing Persons Case in Spartanburg County is One of Many

Missing Persons Case in Spartanburg County is One of Many (Image 1)

Upstate deputies are searching for a missing woman from Spartanburg County.

Nicole Goodlett, 28, was last seen at her home on Loblolly drive in Spartanburg on Wednesday.

Her Family told authorities Goodlett doesn’t have the medication she takes for depression or her vehicle with her.

7 On Your Side spoke with Rita Mims of the “Speak Life Foundation” and family member of Evelyn Shelton, who went missing in May of 2011. She said she is partnering with the organization “Black and Missing” to provide a checklist of items and information a family can offer law enforcement.

These items include bank account information, a description of the person’s appearance, tattoos, scars, cell phone numbers, vehicle descriptions and any social media accounts.

Mims said the search can feel hopeless.

“The initial reaction is there has to be a reason, an explanation as to why this person is gone,” said Mims.

Mims said her organization rely largely on social media to spread the word about a missing loved one.

“We post pictures we ask people to share the pictures when they share them we ask them to put the location like Gaffney, NC, so the people can see this word is spreading fast,” she said.

The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office said it’s important to know that you don’t have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing. If you’ve exhausted all places where they could be you should file a missing person’s report.

The Sheriff’s Office said in 2013, 85 people were reported missing and so far in 2014, 17 people have been reported missing.

We checked into the number of missing persons cases across South Carolina and the State Law Enforcement Division tells us in 2013 about 9000 people were reported missing. Most of the times those people were found.

SLED said in January, 450 missing persons cases were considered not resolved.

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