Anderson Co. Plans for Dolly Cooper Park Gaining Momentum

Anderson Co. Plans for Dolly Cooper Park Gaining Momentum (Image 1)

Dolly Cooper Park in the Powdersville area has seen little improvements since it was first proposed in 2005, now Anderson County has hoping with the public’s help to give the park new life.

Three multi-use fields, tennis courts, two full baseball diamonds, a little league field and walking trail are all a possibility for the 43-acre park off Old Anderson Road in Anderson County. The County’s Park Department is working with Alta Planning and Design to come up with three ideas for the space. The Powdersville area needs more park space for local sports groups to play, says Parks Manager Matt Schell.

“The kids over there are tripping over themselves,” says Schell of Hurricane Springs Park in nearby Piedmont.

Tom Ross hopes the development moves quickly. He has founded recreation league Powdersville League of Athletic Youth or PLAY. Right now he has 120 kids signed up to play baseball and softball but because there isn’t a park available for them, they’re using Powdersville High School on Saturdays. Ross says he’s having to turn kids away that want to play because he’s running out of space.

“Where are we gonna play flag football? I don’t know,” says Ross, “There’s lots of empty fields in Powdersville. Would I like flag football to be done at Dolly Cooper? The answer is ‘yes.'”

Schell hopes to have fields ready for “fall ball.” First the County needs to secure funding. They’re hoping to receive Federal Grants and community donations to build the park. Schell wants the park to become part of the community.

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