Eat This, Not That: Dietitians Lead Free Grocery Tours

A trip to the grocery store can be daunting. Trying to buy healthy items to feed your family on a budget is a challenge, that’s why registered dietitians want to help you.

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, registered dietitians affiliated with the South Carolina Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will lead free grocery tours at Bi-LO grocery stores across the state.

The dietitians will walk with you through the store helping you decide what items to purchase that are healthy choices and fit your budget.

The free tours will be at 27 Bi-LO stores across the state from 9am and 4 pm on Thursday. Then they will be again at 9am on Saturday.

To see a full list of locations, click here

Dietitians from Bon Secours St. Francis say there’s simple things that you can do to eat healthier.

Shop the perimeter of the store. Put as many vegetables and fruits in your cart.

Avoid snack isles.

Look over labels, see what your food is made of.

For cost saving tips, buy vegetables in the freezer instead of fresh. They are just as healthy, just cost less.

Dietitians say go into the store with a list and a plan. Don’t come to the store hungry. Making a plan can ensure you buy items to make your lifestyle healthier.

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