Pendleton Elementary Students Pedaling Through Class

Pendleton Elementary Students Pedaling Through Class (Image 1)

Bike desks in the 5th and 4th grade classes keep students active while they’re learning each day at Pendleton Elementary School.

Nutrition and health has been a priority for Anderson District 4 and FitDesks are the newest way they’re bringing fitness into the classroom. The desks have quickly become the most popular seat in class.

“When I first saw it in the morning I was like, ‘aw that’s amazing, can I please ride on that?'” 5th Grader Elijah Polk-Smith says of the first time he saw a FitDesk.

“It kind of keeps your adrenaline pumping,” says 4th Grader Dresean Carver.

The students take turns on the bikes. Some classes work on a “first come, first serve basis,” and others pick but they’re always rotating to make sure everyone has a ride.

“Once you get into the motion of it, it just feels like clockwork,” Polk-Smith says.

The kids say the movement doesn’t distract them from working, actually they think it helps.

“If you work on the fitness desk you’re probably gonna have more concentration,” says 5th Grader Jordan Reyes.

A recently published study may back that inference. A study recently published study by researchers from The University of Texas at Arlington, the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota found that adults working at treadmill workstations are actually more productive at work. They tracked employees at treadmill stations for an entire year, walking a distance of 2 miles per hour.

Teachers says the students are more focused after burning some energy on the FitDesks.

Pendleton is planning on ordering more FitDesks.

“The classrooms that don’t have them yet are just waiting patiently for their turn,” says assistant principal Atrice Kinard.

They’re also looking at stability chairs similar to sitting on a yoga ball too.

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